KABA Staff

KABA’s day-to-day management is led by a strong team of talented professionals who work tirelessly to promote KABA’s vision that Kenosha County is the premier destination for new investment and talent in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor.

Todd Battle

[email protected] | 262.925.3466

Lisa Feltson

Office Manager
[email protected] | 262.925.3460

Brooke Infusino

Director of Talent Development
[email protected] | 262.925.3464

Jeanne Geiger

Administrative Assistant
[email protected] | 262.925.3461

Becky Noble

Director of Marketing
[email protected] | 262.925.3465

Brock Portilia

Director of Finance & Adminstration
[email protected] | 262.925.3468

Heather Wessling Grosz

Vice President
[email protected] | 262.925.3467